Mutualfarm for farmers

Quality assurance

We ensures the grading of vegetables and soil verification for more productive authenticated farmlands.

Agro Consulting

Provides consulting in economic viability, availability of the nurseries, optimum use of fertilizers and pesticides etc.

Accredited Farms

Verified farmland and soil affirmation for farms with complete management on farming and farm equipment services.

Farm Insurance

Providing insured farm lands to farmers with agricultural consultation and advisory with complete farm management.

High Crop Yield

Farming community can focus on high appreciating crops that are high in demand, value and supply cycles.

Tax Benefits

Farmers will get tax benefits due to tax exemption and the provision of tax free income with low investment.

Mutualfarm for Exporters

Logistics Tracking and Harvest Cycle Dashboard

Proper tracking and arrangement of consumables from farmland with on time delivery and a dashboard is maintained for the comprehensive analysis during the harvesting period.

Better Market Price

Exporters can maximize their profit cap by selling farm fresh fruits and vegetables at better market price and thereby increasing their ROI in short span of time.

Product and Quality Assurance

Product and quality assurance are ensured to exporters as we entertain extra class export quality farm fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable price.

Mutualfarm for investors

  • Proper guidance to investors on their investment for better profitability and ROI.
  • Bona fide sharing of profit to investors ranging from 12 to 15%.
  • Tracking of growth, health and progress of their farmlands.
  • Facilitates foreign direct investment for investors.
  • Tax free income for investors with low investment.
  • Pricing analytics of farm fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Customized farm dashboard for monitoring and tracking of farms.
  • Crop insurance for the invested farm crops.

Other Services/features

Commercially Viable Farming

Proper guidance and training for farmers for better orchards and crops yield throughout the year.

Accelerate Agro-Investment

Revolutionizing the agricultural sector by providing more investments and opportunities.

Encourages Modern Farming

Reducing labor dependency by automated consistent farming for superior scalability.