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Export Quality Pomegranates

MutualFarm has a community of Pomegranate Farmers who has more than 1000 Acres combined land area, simultaneously the company has invested considerable resources and our Investors money for growing operations via contract farming in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh, Gujarat and UttarPradesh. Mutualfarm serves as a medium to provide knowledge to our farmers in terms of scientific technology, best agro inputs and best practice & asset sharing. We produce export quality fresh pomegranate in an organic way following our ancestors approach on farming. Since our farming community is scattered throughout India we have to abilty to provide pomegranates at any seasons at any time. We are one among the highest suppliers of export quality whole pomegranate fruits to the domestic and overseas market. We follow International quality standards & export to overseas market like UK, USA, Europe and Gulf countries like UAE, Oman and Qatar.

  • We sell pomegranates directly to exporter in 20 kg packages.
  • We sell international packing of 3 kg in cartons to exporters directly.
  • Exporters are given both CIF and FOB prices
  • We encourage exporters and wholesale buyers to enter contract farming with farmers to with benefits both in terms of money and quality.

Packing Description

Packing and Transportation is a bigger headache than finding high quality products. MutualFarm not only provides high quality pomegranates but packs them in international standards and transports them to the buyers provided location.

Pomegranate variety


Fruit Size

250 grams and above

Packing Count

9-13 fruits per 3 kg carton

Carton Specifications

Exporters can provide their designed cartons or we can pack them with our cartons too.

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Direct Sale to Exporters all around the world

Exporters can contact us directly via phone, whatsapp or mail and provide their specific requirements such as fruit size(250 grams), quantity, packing specifications etc.Mutualfarm will pass the order to our farming community and obtain the quotation which will be send to you.The wholesale rates are mainly obtained from the Mumbai market.Once the order is confirmed we will send you the detailed invoice amd once we receive the RTGS payment we will start procuring your order and packing it based on your specified standards or 20 kg packages. For daily requirements exporters are advised to place their order before 12pm since packing requires time.

International 3 kg carton box Packing of pomegranates

Exporters can provide their designed cartons or we can arrange carton boxes for them.We will transport the 3kg packed boxes to the exporters provided location. Exporters are always welcome to our pack houses to check how to packing is done or a visit to our pomegranate farms to see the quality of fruits. Every valuable suggestions and demands from exporters are welcomed.Pre-cooling process is done within 4 hours after harvesting pomegranates.

Direct Purchase at Pomegranate Farms

MutualFarm provides the exporters & wholesalers the provision to harvest the pomegranates directly from the farms.Each exporter will be having thier own specifications So the exporters are welcome to be present while harvesting to ensure their demands are meet. Freshly plucked pomegranates from farms can be put into pre-cooling within 4-5 hours of purchase. The exporters have to only pay for what they harvest.Exporters can even reject harvested pomegranates and since we sell those to local market you don't need to pay for it.
MutualFarm Pomegranate Farms