Our Objective

Mutual farm is an agro based investment friendly export firm deals directly with stakeholders viz; Farmers, Investors and Exporters. We focus on the production of high quality foods for people globally using organic farming methods.

Mutual Farm believes in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) as it's an eco- friendly, organic and integrated value added farming procedure which in turn produce significantly increase farm profitability than others. With CSA we encourages proper stream for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. We employ different channels of marketing to diversify farmers sales efforts and increase subscriptions from exporters and supermarket chains. We facilitate between our stakeholders like farmers markets and their farms, investment community and exporters and will accelerate their business and profit shares.



Mutual Farm provides a platform for farmers, investors and exporters to work collaboratively to create an ecosystem wherein all stakeholders get mutually benefited by harvesting, value addition marketing and wealth sharing.


We bring Community supported agriculture and contract farming to the farming people. Mutual farm provides buy back guarentee and financial support for farmers and encourages contract farming. Mutual farm encourages multiple cropping which results in optimum land usage ,efficient utilisation of nutrients, increased productivity and increased income for farming community.


Mutual farm is investor friendly firm which provides custom dashboard and pricing analytics to our investors. Investors can track the progress of farms periodically and they will get their profit share up to 15 % as there is no third party involved in drop-ship. Crop insurance surety is what we delivered to the investment community that quadruple their investments in a short span of time.


As we believes in contract farming that out-turn quality assurance to exporters and facilitate them to find sought after crops. By providing better market place for consumables we ensure product assurance to the Exporters/Supermarket chains. Exporters can directly acquire their fresh vegetables from farmers as we tabulate efficient logistics which transport on-time delivery with tracking of conveyance.

what others say about us

  • Among the best five winning pitches in HACKATHON india, MutualFarm has the best revenue generating model.
    - AngelHack COO,Hackathon -
  • Rather than looking for a short term, you should be focus on longterm cause.Then this could be a highly profitable venture.
    - Mr. Mathew Sebastian,Secretary & Executive Director -