New Investment Plans for 2018

As most of our farms are fully funded,we are introducing a new way to be a part of MutualFarm by providing us your valuable investment to start new shops in Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala.MutualFarm believes in a system where farmers should get the option to sell their products directly to consumers.This reduces all the mediators in the market thus benefiting both MutualFarm shops and our Farmers.Our Aim is to put 150 Shops by the end of 2018. Already 10 shops are in progress of opening by March 1st.So if you want to be a part of MutualFarm Community feel free to contact us.

  • Guaranteed 12-15% returns to all our shop Investors
  • Farmers getting more revenue by selling directly to customers
  • Common Pricing in all MutualFarm shops for benefiting our consumers
  • Branding MutualFarm Products for Quality Assurance
  • More revenue by adding branding to vegetables and fruits
  • Connection points for farmers to meet for knowledge sharing
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MutualFarm Shops

Connecting Farmers, Investors and Exporters

MutualFarm provides a platform for farmers, investors and exporters to work collaboratively to create an ecosystem wherein all stakeholders get mutually benefited by harvesting, value addition marketing and wealth sharing. MutualFarm's aim is to find new agriculture investment oppurtunities in India to support farmers and to create safe investment options for our Investors to generate higher returns.


  • Financial Support
  • Buy Back Guarantee
  • Warehousing Facilities
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Multiple Cropping


  • 15% Guaranteed Returns for 7 Year Plans
  • 12% Guaranteed Returns for 5 Year Plans
  • Quaterly Returns on Investment
  • Crop Insurance & tracking Farm Crops Progress
  • Branded Shops for direct Sales


  • Direct from Farm Approach
  • Quality, Quantity & Product Assurance
  • Accelerates Contract Farming
  • Better Market Price
  • Logistics Support
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MUTUALFARM-Reforming Agriculture

MutualFarm's aim is to create a society which prefers to invest in agriculture not just to grow their money but at the same time support the existence of our Mother Earth. We focus on the production of high quality fruits and vegetables for people globally using organic farming methods.

MutualFarm is an agro based investment friendly export firm deals directly with stakeholders viz; Farmers, Investors and Exporters. MutualFarm believes in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) as it's an eco- friendly, organic and integrated value added farming procedure which in turn produce significantly increase farm profitability than others. With CSA we encourages proper stream for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from farmers. We employ different channels of marketing to diversify farmers sales efforts and increase subscriptions from exporters and supermarket chains. We facilitate between our stakeholders like farmer's markets and their farms, investment community and exporters and thereby accelerate their business and profit shares.

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Regular supply and on time delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to exporters and supermarket chains as per their requirement. We origin our farm fresh products directly from farmers and then supply it to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables(FFV), Food Retail Chains(FRC), Retail chains and Agro Exporters. We conserve our products by maintaining standardized grades of crops and systemized warehousing, with periodic quality checks carried out at multiple levels to deliver the fresh organic consumables. We maintains consistency, reliability and flexibility to our customers with strong relationships with farming community across India.


As we encourages contract farming we make an agreement between the buyer and farm producers which involves the buyer specifying the quality required and the price, with the farmer agreeing to deliver at a future date. More commonly contracts outline conditions for the production of farm products and for their delivery to the buyer's premises. The farmer undertakes to supply agreed quantities of a crop or livestock product, based on the quality standards and delivery requirements of the purchaser. As we believes in multiple cropping and commercially viable farming , the farmers can have a tax-free income with very low investment.


We provide proper guidance to investors on their investment for better profitability. By accelerating value addition marketing for farmers the investment community will benefit better ROI. Investors can monitor the progress of farms regularly and they will get their profit share up to 15 % as there is no intermediaries involved in drop-ship. Crop insurance surety and Pricing analytics are what we delivered to the investment community that expand their investments in a short span of time. There will be a sea of opportunities for the investors as we organize the possibilities of FDI to them.